Monday, 19 March 2012

Anna Scholz SS12 Series: Revisiting Style!

Boombands Em in Anna Scholz Spring Summer Collection 2012 (SS12).
Everyone has been asking! I recently changed brands and now use Bare Minerals Makeup.  LOVE.

So. You know I love fashion. You know that I'm very lucky and these last few seasons, Anna Scholz has sent me items to try, review and photograph... I love the clothes and LOVE sharing them! I also think it is amazing to be invited by a designer to showcase their brand on my size 20 body. Not enough brands think like this. It's fantastic.

But let's regroup for a second. This all happened because of one fateful day, two years ago... I snuck into the (now defunct) Harrods Plus Section, grabbed some Anna Scholz, dashed Darcy and myself to a change room - and tried clothes on like a giggling school girl. I tried one of Anna's Wrap Dresses for the first time and it was like magic. I blogged it...

For this series, and for the first time since that day two years ago - I have just tried Anna's Wrap again for the second time. This was my reaction:

I don't know if you can tell - but the pure JOY of putting this dress on gave me a very emotional response and almost had me in tears. 

Boombands Em in Anna Scholz Spring Summer Collection 2012 (SS12).

Two years ago, I described Anna's Wrap Style as a WOW dress. IT. STILL. IS. 
It's as simple as that. 

Boombands Em in Anna Scholz Spring Summer Collection 2012 (SS12).

As I put this on, it was so exciting. With the wrap aspect of this garment, you actually get to see your body be enclosed in the shape, as you slowly pull tighter on the waist band and do up the dress. The shape on this dress is divine. As I say, it made me emotional!

Boombands Em in Anna Scholz Spring Summer Collection 2012 (SS12).
This new version of Anna's Wrap Dress is made from a subtle, soft, jersey fabric, it doesn't cling to your curves - but rather skims them - lightly. You can see the sleeves are a little bit gathered and don't quite hit the wrist - they feel light and airy for summer. The drape on this garment is amazing - the top half sees pleats from the shoulders which seem to work with the bust, while the bottom half falls from the high waist beautifully. I love the slight flutter of fabric at the bottom of the hem too - it feels feminine and subtle.

The print is pretty amazing and I love the way it is slightly curved with the body which helps to create some of that "fantastic shape" effect. I couldn't love this dress more.

It is that simple. Amazing.

My next dress? Why hello gorgeous, you're a COLOUR SENSATION!

Boombands Em in Anna Scholz Spring Summer Collection 2012 (SS12).

While snapping my photos - I sent a picture of myself in this dress to twitter and facebook and MANY of you responded positively and with such excitement! This is SUCH an amazing dress. Last season, when I reviewed Anna's Shirt Dress in Scarab (blogged here), I thought for ages about whether I should buy it or not - I didn't and since then, it's been "the one that got away".

And now!!! Just look at this new release version! What colour!

Boombands Em in Anna Scholz Spring Summer Collection 2012 (SS12).

I'm in my usual size 20 and thanks to great tailoring, there is no pull across the bust or strain on the buttons. The three quater sleeves are comfortable and roomy, while the neckline is a nice gentle v-neck that helps create a great shape for my bust. The front of this dress has a couple of lovely pockets and the length falls to just on my knee. I love the shape on this dress - apart from the buttons, there is a lovely wide belt to help cinch the dress in and create a more defined waist.

Boombands Em in Anna Scholz Spring Summer Collection 2012 (SS12).The crepe fabric is light. In fact the fabric is - light, summery, fresh and gentle! Just LOVELY really and it feels beautiful on my skin. I love how vibrant the blues are in this dress; what an AMAZING, playful print for a warm day. When I put the dress on I felt really excited for summer; I love the colour and freshness of the warmer seasons - and THIS dress inspired a real desire for sunshine, the outdoors and warmth.

I've mentioned on the blog previously that I never really thought Shirt Dresses were for me. After my previous experience with Anna's Shirt Dress, I had to try again to see if the garment was just as amazing as I remembered. I was not disappointed. If you're a bit like me and have been stuck thinking a style isn't for you - this dress is a great example (for me) of how wrong I could be. I have no issues saying I feel amazing and think I LOOK AMAZING in this dress.

This has been a great post for me. With BOTH the Wrap Dress and the Shirt Dress I had high hopes for what I was trying on, having had such GREAT experiences last time. I don't own either of these styles and I think it's because they floored me when I tried them; I've felt shy to revisit the styles, in case my initial elation was false. But it isn't false! YEAH! In life, there genuinely are clothes we can put on that give us such joy. When preparing this post - BOTH of these dresses gave me such an emotional response when I wore them - I felt great and beautiful and confident and sexy.

I don't know quite how to finish this post because I want to say so much. So let me just say this: BOTH these dresses take my breath away and I feel grateful I got to try them again!

Smooch. x.

PS - My affiliate discount code is still running until the end of March, it gets you 8% off! Use: ANMAR8 at checkout on the Anna Scholz website. x.


  1. Absolutely amazingly beautiful dresses!
    Am not at all surprised they made you feel so great. ^^d Gorgeous! MMxoxo

  2. I need to get my hands on a wrap dress, that looks amazing on you, it works perfectly with your figure! xxx

  3. Em - you look stunning. I much prefer seeing these dresses on you than on the models on the website, it brings them to life for me. Plus you look amazing and I'm considering buying the blue one now I've seen you in it. Am hoping you got sent the purple snake one to try as I love the colour! Keep up the great work x

  4. Wow! Those dresses look like they are made for you. The wrap look so cozy, and that blue one is so eye catching. I'll have to pinch my pennies so I can get it!

  5. Aww the snake print dress is beautiful, I wish I could afford to spend that much money on one dress though!
    Devon xx


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